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Ezra Klein - Democrats win the Super Bowl?

Posted on: February 8, 2010 1:58 PM, by David Dobbs

According to a poll (pdf) conducted in the days before the Super Bowl, "Democrats strongly prefer the Saints, by a 36-21 margin, but Republicans are narrowly going for the Colts, 26-25. Independents lean toward the Saints as well, 33-20." Hopefully, Democrats take some lessons from their favored team, too.

Early in the game, the Saints failed to score when they had the ball on their opponent's three-yard line. Big setback, and eerily reminiscent of the metaphors many are using for health care. But then the Saints decided against walking off the field and throwing the game to the Colts. Instead, they ran their plays again and came back to win.

NB, healthcare advocates

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