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dobbspic I write articles on science, medicine, nature, culture and other matters for the New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Slate, National Geographic, Scientific American Mind, and other publications, and am working on my fourth book, The Orchid and the Dandelion, which expands on my recent December 2009 Atlantic article. My previous books include Reef Madness: Charles Darwin, Alexander Agassiz, and the Meaning of Coral, which traces the strangest but most forgotten controversy in Darwin's career — an elemental dispute running some 75 years.

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    Your genetic info -- not free, easy, or clear

    This isn't something we'll figure out in a couple workshops; it's something the industry and the broader genomics community will need to consider carefully over the next few years, even as it rapidly grows.

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    Hubble in iMax 3D. Gotta see this.

    Category: Culture of science

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    The day's gleanings

    Jerry Coyne relates that Birds are getting smaller. Most students use Wikipedia, avoid telling profs about it When I talk...

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    Gold in the tweetstream

    I'll try doing this now and then, maybe regularly, to gather the more notable tweets I get in my twitter...

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    Eureka! Neuron Culture goes Sally Field

    Category: Journalism

    was thrilled this morning to learn that this humble, erratic blog was named one of Top 30 Science Blogs by Eureka, the new monthly science magazine recently launched by the Times of London.

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    The mojo of open journalism, plus that itchy beta thing

    Category: Journalism - rebooting (aka future of)

    It was a riveting, invigorating, almost intoxicating experience. It seemed a glimpse of the sort of honesty, rigor, transparency, and quality of thought and discussion that a more open system of science communication and discussion might generate.

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    Rebooting science journalism -mixed-metaphor notes on the upcoming yakfest

    Category: Journalism - rebooting (aka future of)

    Ask not whom to kill, but how sci journalism and/or sci journalists might adapt to a new environment.

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    Rebooting science journalism, redux

    Category: Journalism - rebooting (aka future of)

    If good science writing were easy, we'd be choking on it. Instead, it's rare enough that when we find it, we celebrate it and pass on the links as something especially worth attending. Why pretend it's otherwise?

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    Jonah Lehrer on the Neuroscience of Screwing Up

    Category: Culture of science

    This Wired story from Jonah Lehrer examines something that too often goes unexamined: The monumental messiness of science. This merely puts science on a par with many other serious endeavors that people try to pursue with rigor and ambition -- like, say, writing.

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    Rebooting (and Funding) Science Journalism

    Category: Journalism - rebooting (aka future of)

    So where IS the ProPublica for science journalism? There are a lot of organizations spending money on promoting science and science communications, but so far, not much aimed at funding high-level science journalism, either of the day-to-day reporting sort of the more in-depth kind that examines not just the findings but the workings of science. Where is our ProScientifica?

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